The Provable Responsible AI and Data Analytics Lab (PRADA LAB) was founded in January 2021 by Professor Di Wang at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The laboratory is currently a part of the Computer Science Department within the Computer, Electrical, Mathematical Science and Engineering Division at KAUST. The laboratory presently has over 20 visiting professors/scholars, Ph.D. students, master students, and research interns.

In collaboration with KAUST, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and labs worldwide, PRADA LAB concentrates its efforts on four primary fields: responsible and trustworthy computing, machine learning theory, topological deep learning, and AI for Science. With a focus on addressing the fundamental challenges of trustworthy artificial intelligence and machine learning, PRADA LAB aims to meet the key global demands for artificial intelligence. The laboratory has identified privacy-preserving machine learning, robust learning, explainable artificial intelligence, and machine unlearning as its primary research directions and conducts fundamental research in machine learning and AI for Science.